Marketing Center

Marketing center of Victory New Materials has set 4 main department which are the promotion department, development department, sales department, customer service department which are directed by the marketing director for their orderly operation. After the establishment of the marketing center, we adapted the brand new all-round service model instead of the traditional one of shoe factories to provide customers with the latest trends in industrial product development. We developed corollary shoe materials which meet our customers' personality needs in accordance with the characteristics of the company, and found out different requirement of different customers, including the needs of new materials, the application direction of new models, etc. to satisfy our customers’ market demands for the real services from the outside of the actual materials to the inside of what they demand.


Marketing center is a department or an organization in the enterprise which is responsible for the marketing business. It is in charge of the discovery of consumers' demand, product positioning, leading product development, price strategy and competition, channel management, promotion, day-to-day management of the organization and department, marketing strategy planning and strategy implementation and other series of work. The existence of the marketing center of an enterprise or an organization is relative to the manufacturing center and R & D center, and marketing center, manufacturing center and R & D center constitute the iron triangle of an enterprise or an organization, which divide the work but co-operate with each other: R & D is the reason, the production is the result and marketing is throughout the entire process, which is the reason and also the result. For the existence meaning of an enterprise or an organization, it serves the stakeholders to the exterior, and it further obtains profit by finding the demands and meet them essentially, which is the essence of marketing. However, marketing center is the core department to achieve this purpose.