R & D Center

Victory New Materials firmly believes that “Science and technology will achieve transformation, and quality will lead the market.” We focus on grasping the development and direction of the sole materials to become the leader in the development of shoe materials industry. The company attaches great importance to the driving force of science and technology on production, and we invested large capital in the construction of a fully equipped research center. Currently we have a nearly 25-member of a professional and technical team with solid technology and quick thinking. R&D department, technical department, experiment department and other departments were under the control of the center, which forms an integrated operation process from material R&D, experimental testing, and technology transfer to scale production to provide powerful quality assurance for the production of products. We have submit an accumulation of 21 patents to the State Intellectual Property Office, wherein 16 of them were approved, and we were awarded "High-tech enterprise" certificate in 2011. 


The research center is an open experimental technology platform for the scientific and technological personnel to carry out scientific and technological innovation research. Maintaining the general principles of "Determined innovation & fine-quality service", the center provides technical support, scientific research guarantee, technical services and a series of scientific research services for the Company and the footwear industry. Through years of effort, the research center has developed a new kind of polymer composite material, EVO in May 2010, which is lighter, more flexible and more wear-resistant than the traditional EVA shoe material, and may replace rubber to be applied to soles, and is well-received on the market. The R&D Center successfully developed a one-shot, double-color, and double hardness sole based on EVO materials in August 2011, which is the originator in the country. The production process is one-shot injection molding without binding, which greatly reduces the manpower required when manufacturing traditional sole, and glue and treatment agent is also excluded, which prevent the environmental pollution and damage to human bodies. Furthermore, it reduces the production process of sole manufacturing, which is well-received on the market.


In addition, through years of unremitting efforts, R&D Center and Fuzhou University have successfully developed EVA biodegradable polymer composites which filled the gaps in the field of biodegradable shoes worldwide, and the environmentally friendly material overcame the defects that traditional EVA materials are difficult to be degraded and recycled. It may be widely applied in the manufacture of sports shoes, sandals, slippers and other shoe materials, and even the children's puzzles, foam flooring and precision electronic equipment, electrical appliances, packaging materials of medical equipment, and other fields. This material significantly improved the degradation of the traditional EVA foam materials, and it is better to alleviate the current situation of shortage of plastic raw materials, reduce the production cost and increase the product added value, which contains wide market prospects and significant social and economic benefits.