Corporate Responsibilities

Employee Compensations

The Company’s employee compensation is conducted per statutory requirements in accordance with local labor laws and regulations. At present, the existing compensations are as follows:

    Insurance Benefits:  Includes employee medical insurance, basic employee retirement/pension insurance, unemployment insurance, employee incident and injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund.

    Other benefits: The Company's subsidiary, the Jinjiang Chandra Shoes Industry Co. Ltd., provides employees with free dormitories and hosts annual year end party to gather employee loyalty and centripetal force.

    Employee Education and Training: The Company’s employee education and training is focusing at on-the-job training so as to orient employees to familiar with the internal operations. Talents or high level staffs are encouraged to pursue academic courses at university and the tuition and fees shall be reimbursed.

Retirement System

The Company’s retirement system is based on the local practices of the main corporate operating entity, the Chandra Shoes Industry Co. Ltd. located in Jinjiang, in accordance with the requirements prescribed in the “Enterprise Worker/Employee Basic Pension Insurance Regulations”, to stipulate monthly contributions to the local government financial sector accounts.

Management and Employee Agreement

The Company is emphasis on the employee privileges, rights, and benefits, as well as the harmonious between management and employees. Furthermore, the Company is also paying attention on employee’s views and opinions. Employees can approach the appropriate high-level managers or Human Resources departments directly for communications purpose so as to maintain good management and employee relationship. Up to present, there is no labor dispute occurrence.


Employee Privileges and Rights

The Company has internal management system and various management practices, which prescribed employee privileges, rights, obligations and benefits. They are reviewed regularly so as to safeguard employee privileges, rights and interests.