Technology Advantages

EVO Material

EVO material is made of polyolefin, rubber and other elastomers to improve the EVA or integrate a variety of elastomers, rubber to become functional polymer composites, with the features such as abrasion resistance, non-slip, super soft, high elasticity, shock absorption, antistatic, anti-compression and deformation, ultra-lightweight and other excellent performance. 

EVO material not only retains the plasticity and abrasion resistance of traditional plastic materials, but also possesses the special properties of plastic materials, such as softness, elasticity, non-slip and abrasion resistance.  These are the specific properties not possessed by EVA. 

Currently, EVO has developed into a series of products with different functions.


EVO-AR (EVO-Abrasion Resistance) 

Special Characteristics: Abrasion resistance, good elasticity, and excellent flexibility.

Excellent Abrasion Resistance: (GB Abrasion Resistance ≤ 8.0 mm).


EVO-ST (EVO-Soft) 

Special Characteristics: High elasticity, soft, wrinkle-free, good touch feeling.

Soft: Hardness 15 ~ 50 Asker C; High Elasticity: 50 ~ 60% Soft.

EVO-UL (EVO Ultra-Light)

Special Characteristics: With small specific gravity and 30% lighter than the common ultra-light materials, so as to ensure the shoes with light weight, good flexibility, and then enable shoes to have more comfortability.

Hardness: 55 ± 3 Asker C; Density: 0.16 ± 0.002g / cm3; Compression Distortion ≤ 30%.

EVO-RG (EVO Regular) 

Hardness: 55 ± 3 Asker C; Compression Distortion ≤ 30%.


At present, no matter in Taiwan or international market, the EVA sports footwear foam soles are using single hardness and single color sole materials. If the sole requires multi-color and multi-hardness, it shall require separate processes to produce various components and then undergoing an assemble process to integrate the components together as well as to process abrasion resistance protection according to the rubber outsole substrate. This causes long production processes and requires large amount of facilities, equipment, human resources and labors, and spaces for sole production.  Due to this reason, the materials utilization rate is low and the scrape rate is high. In addition, to integrate the outsole substrate with middle layer material requires using adhesives and other chemical treatment agent.  These adhesives and chemical agent contain substance which are inevitably harmful to human body and shall pollute the environment.  The injected dual-color, duel-hardness foam sole shall completely change this situation.  Its advantage is coming from a single step injection molding procedure; there is no need to have components assembly so as to eliminate the usage of adhesives and chemical agent and completely eliminate the possibility for environment containment and human body harmfulness.  In addition, there is no potential adhesive failure quality concerns and also shorten the sole production processes, providing low carbon and environment protection, saving time and efforts.  Refer to the Figures as shown below:


A. Bottom Section Material:  EVO-AR materials with abrasion resistance and non-slip characteristics; Hardness: 63 ± 3Asker C; Specific Gravity (Density): 0.26 ± 0.03g / cm3; DIN Abrasion Resistance ≤ 150mm3; GB abrasion resistance marks ≤ 8.0mm; Dry Slip ≥ 0.5 ; Wet Slip ≥ 0.5; can be used to replace rubber sole partially or completely.

B. The Upper Section Material: EVO-ST materials with softness and high elastic characteristics; Hardness: 53 ± 3Asker C; Specific Gravity (Density): 0.26 ± 0.03g / cm3; Elasticity ≥ 45%.


EVO Abrasion Resistant Rubber and Plastic Composite New Materials: 

Special Characteristics:

◆ Small specific gravity: 0.25 g / cm3;

◆ Excellent abrasion-resistant performance, GB abrasion resistance ≤ 8.0mm;

◆ Good non-slip and flexibility;

◆ Be able to completely replace the rubber outsole;

◆ Environmental protection, reduce harmful VOC emissions.

Applicable Scope: Casual soles, jogging soles, indoor basketball soles, and other sporting goods, light industry supplies.